Top 6 Products for Keeping Your Teeth White With Braces

Teeth whitening with braces

Do you have braces to straighten your teeth? Did you say yes? So, from that, we are sure that your ultimate goal is to create a healthier, beautiful smile. But what about your teeth shade? Will it be the same as it was before putting on the braces? Also, you can not use any teeth whitening while wearing braces. So the question is what can you do to maintain the whiteness of your teeth? You start the process of straightening your teeth just to make sure that when your braces come off, you have healthy, bright teeth. Well, this process...

How Does Teeth Whitening Gum Work?

smile science teeth whitening gum

Can you imagine that just by chewing gum, you can whiten your teeth and get that sparkling smile? If not, then believe it, because it is true. Teeth whitening is now as easy as chewing gum. It is often said that the first impression is the last impression? And, making an awesome first impression starts with an attractive smile — and the whiter, brighter your teeth are, the better. Of course, everybody wants a sparkling smile… but do you work for it? Hence, quick and easy vegan teeth whitening solutions are available in the market. In this busy world, no...

Natural Teeth Whitening Tips For Kids For 2021

Teeth whitening for kids

Feeling anxious as your kid’s teeth are becoming dull and losing their bright, white sparkle at an early age? Or are you searching for ways to whiten your kid’s teeth but want to avoid teeth whitening products with harmful chemicals? Then this blog lists the top 5 best options of teeth whitening for kids that are both natural and safe. Yes, you heard that right! We will share vegan teeth whitening tips for kids that will not only help you bring that sparkling smile of your child back but also strengthen their gums. Maintaining white teeth starts at an early...