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Teeth Whitening Kit

$26.00 USD

Teeth Whitening Kit

$26.00 USD

Oh hello gorgeous glow…..take a peek inside…you’ll like what you see…

Introducing this never before seen teeth whitening light/tray. This sleek design is not only brilliant looking, it is proven to accelerate whitening treatments. Unlike the commonly used 5 bulb led light, this model has 16 led bulbs making it powerful yet safe. This 480 nanometer light, combined with our USA Made teeth whitening gel, gives you dental grade treatments without the cost OR most importantly, the sensitivity. This device plugs into any android, iPhone, or usb and is water resistant for easy cleaning! What are you waiting for…..?

Easy to use:

*Dry teeth

*Apply a thin layer of gel on enamel 

*Plug light into USB or phone

*Place light in mouth

*Rinse after 30 minutes

Light can be washed after each use.


**Do not submerge plugs in water**